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Certificates of Deposit


For the saver who wants the best rate of interest, but may not need the money right away, a Merchants Bank CD may be right for you.


We offer a variety of CDs with diverse terms and competitive interest rates. You can have your interest compounded to the account, periodically transferred to another Merchants deposit account or receive a periodic interest check.


A penalty may be imposed for withdrawals made prior to maturity.


Certificate of Deposit gives you:

Accounts require a minimum balance as little as $1,000. Interest is compounded daily and the rate paid is extremely competitive.


Jumbo Certificate of Deposit gives you:

Accounts are for our larger depositors and require a minimum balance of $100,000. Our Jumbo CDs normally pay for a higher rate of interest than our regular CDs.



For more information on Certificates of Deposit, please contact us.


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Current customers can apply within Online Banking, by clicking on “Open an Account” in the top right hand corner of the screen.